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During Hijama therapy, the therapist uses various methods to create suction within the cups, which are then placed on specific points on the body. The negative pressure created by the cups is believed to stimulate blood flow, promote relaxation, and alleviate pain. While some proponents claim that Hijama can be beneficial for mental health issues, relieve pressure, and contribute to maintaining good health, scientific evidence supporting these specific claims may be limited or inconclusive.

It’s important to note that while cupping therapy, including Hijama, has been practiced for centuries and is still used by some individuals as an alternative form of treatment, its efficacy and safety should be carefully considered. Modern medical practices and research have evolved, and treatments should be evaluated based on up-to-date scientific evidence and expert medical advice.

Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Dry Cupping

Back Pain Relief Treatment

Wet Cupping

Basic Package Pricing

All packages additionally include targeting the relative sunnah points.
Mobile service option available
(extra charges may apply if more than 15 miles)

If you are looking for hijama therapy in Manchester that is comfortable and home-based, then look no further than Sunnah Solutions.


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